IRA Kurmaeva

Freelance artist and photographer studied fine arts in Tbilisi. During 20 years she has gained an extensive experience while working for prominent magazines such as National Geographic, KulinArt, City and others, also while implementing art projects with several celebrities. Ira Kurmaevas art, both photography and paintings, has been exhibited in several countries such as Turkey, Greece, Russia, Baltic countries, Holland and France. Now being a co-founder of a Cloud Studio her photographic portfolio has extended to several new directions and sectors including artistic composition projects.

Photography has been major part of her life for years and she enjoys connection to people that happens through this path.

NINO Isakadze

Coming from PR and Marketing background and with 19 years of experience in hospitality business Nino has combined her paramount experience, creativity, strategic thinking, and passion for photography into a one goal to found a photo-studio where images have no boundaries.

Nino has inherited her love of photography from her family, later through several international and local photo projects, and while working closely with Starwood and Marriott approved photographers she has developed her own unique style.

Pursuing a music career with her band (The Window) and being inspired by people, places and experiences her photography is not only art, but also a storytelling and images for effective marketing products that can take your business to the next level.

RUSO Dzigrashvili

Having worked on various executive positions over the past 15 years, Ruso has enjoyed finding and creating opportunities to successfully lead and manage challenging projects in multiple disciplines, starting from business development, European integration, agriculture development and hospitality business.  Her major focus has always been communications, marketing & PR and she finds it extremely rewarding to channel all her experience in dynamic and creative photo projects of the Cloud Studio.